Week 16

It’s a new year we all Said it’s two New people walked in and asked their name and New people walked in and asked their name and its Albert and fill.  They asked the teachers name it was mr.billy fill sed that it not like last yea.I agree  I agreed it’s not someone sed we all agreed and sat down for a lessons we did a cool experiment on fly traps

I liked it personally Albert  asked-me  what my favorite subject is I sed Science we all Be came friends over time. Liked Play video games our favorite is Minecraft

One thought on “Week 16

  1. Hello Claire,

    I enjoyed reading about the first school day for the new school year and the topics that people liked discussing. In Australia, Minecraft and other video games (Roblox) are also very popular.

    Well done,

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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