I went to my grandmas houses and i went in the Laundry room and saw a weird ironing machine you had to wait for a snack and then straighten the clothes and then wait again it was really weird. And my grandma said go  Iron Iron the clothes. I was really confused! I tried  it […]


I was just getting off of school and I felt rather hungry I was just walking on and I saw caution tape I looked over the caution tape and there was concrete I didn’t think it would do much so I walked around it not realizing that I was walking in it For some random […]

Week 28

It was a normal day I was just heading to work and I sat down in my chair and started working. The forecast said it was supposed to be really bad weather today but I didn’t think that it would be cloudy and stormy it was sunny outside. A few hours later clouds started rolling […]

Week 27

I was walking home from school and found some toys on the ground. That where perfectly placed on the ground on a leaf and on the leaf was a snail it looked like the soldiers were placed there by someone. Maybe they came to life or something and was observing the snail.I thought about it […]

Week 23

I had this crazy idea where I should go diving under the ocean I thought it would be a really good idea so I went down there and I swam for a few hours and I thought I was out of luck. I was wrong I found a huge gentle octopus he was white I […]

Week 18

Just walking Through a forest early in the morning I found a key I was wondering what it opened or if it opens any door I started looking around and seeing if it opened anything I opened a few random doors and finally I found something. There was an old shed that no one has […]

Week 17

Hi my name is Lily I’m gonna be telling You my story. OK first of all  it was  my first taxi ride I was two. And the Taxi taxi was yellow my mom kept saying I’m so excited to go see the waterfall I didn’t know what That mean.We finally  got there it was a […]

Week 16

It’s a new year we all Said it’s two New people walked in and asked their name and New people walked in and asked their name and its Albert and fill.  They asked the teachers name it was mr.billy fill sed that it not like last yea.I agree  I agreed it’s not someone sed we […]

Week 15

If i had one wish granted i would say. Every person to have a roof over there heads. I chose this decades the s morning i saw a group of people that did not have a home and we are vary lucky to have a roof, food ,and people that care about us. I felt […]

Week 14

If I was a business I would try and stop climate change by doing this.  I would invent cars that didn’t need gas I know this is gonna be funny but I will try not fart outside. And I will try and encourage other people to do the same and show them the video that […]